Altec History Photo Gallery
... a bit of sound history

Page 1 (12 photos) - University Sound and Altec Facilities, Yankee Stadium with Archbishop Francis Cardinal Spellman

Page 2 (8 photos) - Test Equipment, Recording and Disk mastering, misc.

Page 3 (12 photos) - Manufacturing and Test facilities, Military applications

Page 4 (1 photo) - Other Uses

Page 5 (17 photos) - Old Equipment Photos

* Captions followed with a t.u. were provided by Ted Uzzle, formerly of Altec currently Professor of Acoustics at Columbia College.

We are looking for comments and additional information on these photos as well as other photos to add to the gallery. Please email comments, copies of photos, etc. to Wayne Lee at Email.

Relevant Altec Lansing Links (takes you off Lee Sound site) - Some people I used to work with in OKC. Bought all the existing tooling and still manufacturers and repairs some of the old classics. - the unofficial site. - Great scans of old product literature. Check out the Reference Library - JBL History site, arghh!! Lot's of great Altec history. After all the Lansing in Altec Lansing came from James B. Lansing. - Altec Lansing Consumer Products - Altec Lansing Professional Products - Photos of many, many products - 1940's photos - interesting audio history site, especially like the defunct mfrs listings; some painful memories. - Article on same site about "The History of Electrodyne, Quad-Eight and Sphere" and a lot of other west coast audio people, mfrs, companies and generally cool stuff that I thought you might enjoy and maybe recognize.

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