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Various Altec manufacturing and test facilities

Photo 26 - Manufacturing multi-cell horns Anaheim shop. Probably these cells have the spray-on damping and are not tar-filled. The multicell solderers were the highest-paid craft anywhere in the Altec plant - t.u.

Photo 21
Microphone test area in Anaheim - t.u.

Photo 22
Electronics A-frame in Anaheim - t.u.

Photo 23

Photo 24
Anaheim, test station at the end of the A-frame - t.u.

Photo 25
Electronics lab, Anaheim, late 1970's or early 1980's. The unit on the bench with the four transistors in the heatsink was a bi-amplifier made for the A7 - t.u.

Photo 27
Outside the anechoic chamber. What looks like electrical conduit on the wall behind the racks (that's the wall of the anechoic chamber) is actually a couple of plane-wave tubes - t.u.

Photo 29
Model 19 home stereo speaker, still made in the early 80's. This one has the 811B horn and a custom crossover - t.u.

Military applications of Altec products

Photo 17
Seven compression drivers, seven re-entrant tone arms, one horn. Contractors were still begging for this contraption as late as the 1980's - t.u.

Photo 18
9440's, classics, 800 W in a box when everybody else thought that impossible. Conventional wisdom said that much gain in one box could not be kept out of oscillation. A guy named Paul Rumbaugh proved them wrong. Made ca. 1978-1982. It cost $100 in parts and labor to change the light bulb illuminating ONE of those VU meters - t.u.

Photo 19

Photo 20

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